Graphics Seminar Fall 2013 (Wednesdays 4pm, 3401 SC)


  • Aug. 28th: Asger Christiansen Topology Optimization Using an Explicit Interface Representation (Spoiler Alert: It's simplicial level sets.)
  • Sep. 4th:
  • Sep. 11th: Zicheng Liao - Automated Video Looping with Progressive Dynamism, Proc. SIGGRAPH 2013
  • Sep. 18th: Mingcheng Chen - Fast, Memory-Efficient Cell Location in Unstructured Grids for Visualization by Christoph Garth and Kenneth I. Joy, TVCG 2010
  • Sep. 25th: JohnMark Lau - Particle-Based Anisotropic Surface Meshing Zichun Zhong, Xiaohu Guo (University of Texas at Dallas), Wenping Wang (University of Hong Kong), Bruno Levy (Inria-Nancy Grand-Est), Feng Sun (University of Hong Kong), Yang Liu (NVIDIA Corporation), Weihua Mao (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas), Prof. SIGGRAPH 2013.
  • Oct. 2nd: Apollo Ellis - BVH Bake-Off
  • Oct. 9th: Ben Menke - A state-free graphics library
  • Oct. 16th: Jeremy Goodsit - Dual Quaternions for Skinning and Biomechanics.
  • Oct. 23rd: Mary Pietrowicz
  • Oct. 30th: (Prof. Hart presenting at CS 100)
  • Nov. 6th: Jiajun (Jefferson) Lu - Image Based Reconstruction
  • Nov. 13th: Joe Ciureg - Rendering Outlines
  • Nov. 20th: Yanwen Guo - Content Aware Photo Collage
  • Dec. 4th:
Here's some possible papers to choose from:

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