Antialiased Parameterized Solid Texturing Simplified for Consumer-Level Hardware Implementation

Proc. Graphics Hardware 1999

Procedural solid texturing was introduced fourteen years ago, but has yet to find its way into consumer level graphics hardware for real-time operation. To this end, a new model is introduced that yields a parameterized function capable of synthesizing the most common procedural solid textures, specifically wood, marble, clouds and fire. This model is simple enough to be implemented in hardware, and can be realized in VLSI with as little as 100,000 gates.

The new model also yields a new method for antialiasing synthesized textures. An expression for the necessary box filter width is derived as a function of the texturing parameters, the texture coordinates and the rasterization variables. Given this filter width, a technique for efficiently box filtering the synthesized texture by either mip mapping the color table or using a summed area color table are presented. Examples of the
antialiased results are shown.

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