Clip Art Rendering of Smooth Isosurfaces

IEEE Transactons on Visualization and Computer Graphics 14(1), Jan. 2008, pp. 71-81

Clip art is a simpliļ¬ed illustration form consisting of layered filled polygons or closed curves used to convey 3-D shape information in a 2-D vector graphics format. This paper focuses on the problem of direct conversion of smooth surfaces, ranging from the free-form shapes of art and design to the mathematical structures of geometry and topology, into a clip art form suitable for illustration use in books, papers and presentations. We show how to represent silhouette, shadow, gleam and other surface feature curves as the intersection of implicit surfaces, and derive equations for their efficient interrogation via particle chains. We further describe how to sort, orient, identify and fill
the closed regions that overlay to form clip art. We demonstrate the results with numerous renderings used to illustrate the paper itself.

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