The Object Instancing Paradigm for Linear Fractal Modeling

Proceedings of Graphics Interface '92, May 1992, pp. 224-231

The recurrent iterated function system and the L-system are two powerful linear fractal models. The main drawback of recurrent iterated function systems is a difficulty in modeling whereas the main drawback of L-systems is inefficient geometry specification. Iterative and recursive structures extend the object instancing paradigm, allowing it to model linear fractals. Instancing models render faster and are more intuitive to the computer graphics community. A preliminary section briefly introduces the object instancing paradigm and illustrates its ability to model linear fractals. Two main sections summarize recurrent iterated function systems and L-systems, and providemethods with examples for converting such models to the object instancing paradigm. Finally, a short epilogue describes a particular use of color in the instancing paradigm and the conclusion outlines directions for further research.

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