Wickbert is a system that uses programmable particle systems to manipulate and display implicit surfaces. The name "Wickbert" is a contraction of Andrew Witkin and Paul Heckbert, the two authors of the paper Using Particles to Sample and Control Implicit Surfaces that described how to use a particle system to display and manipulate an implicit surface and inspired many other ideas. Wickbert extends this ideas into an implicit surface library and particle system programming environment to better foster new ideas in interactive shape modeling. Wickbert consists of three main components:


wxModeler is an application based on the wxWindows GUI to configure the Wickbert libraries for shape modeling, shown in the screenshot below, which consists of an OpenGL display pane (left), a particle system control pane (center) and a surface control pane (right).


Particles is a particle system library specifically designed for using particles to interrogate, manipulate and display implicit surfaces, whose components are organized into attributes, behaviors and shaders in the center column of the screenshot.


Surface is a library of surface routines that contains mainly an Implicit class for defining and managing implicit surfaces, such as the parameters of the torus shown in the right column of the screenshot.
Since Aug. 2000

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