Courses in Computer Graphics at the University of Illinois


  • CS 418: Interactive Computer Graphics
    Interactive Computer Graphics offers an introduction to computer graphics programming, focusing on the techniques needed to support interaction, such as for computer games, virtual environments or other real-time simulations. The course utilizes the "C" programming language and the OpenGL graphics programming library, though students can use a different language and library with the instructor's permission.
  • CS 419: Production Computer Graphics

    An advanced course in computer graphics focusing on production quality graphics, including Monte Carlo ray tracing and photon mapping, CAD modeling, physically-based simulation and other topics.

  • CS 591 GFX Graphics Seminar

    The graphics seminar meets weekly to present and discuss recent research papers in computer graphics. Course credit of one hour is available, but requires attendance at the seminars and presentation of one paper. Announcements of upcoming presentations are made to, and you can subscribe to that mailing list at


  • CS 598: Mobile Augmented Reality for Pedestrian Navigation

    This course, taught by Illinois Alum and NAVTEQ scientists Matei Stroila in Spring 2011, concentrated on recent technology that facilitates the development of augmented reality pedestrian navigation applications: geo-referenced data (maps, LiDAR point clouds, panoramic images and depth maps, 3D models), smartphones (phone sensors: camera, GPS, accelerometer, compass), and graphics engines (OpenGL ES) to overlay relevant information in the viewfinder, and, more recently, vision engines that perform natural feature detection and tracking in the video data captured with the phone camera. This was a project-focused class. We built prototype applications for Nokia mobile phones using Commercial GIS/Map data and read and presented relevant papers, along with special presentations by Nokia and NAVTEQ guest speakers.

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