CS 418 Interactive Computer Graphics enrollment expanded

Due to popular demand, the Spring 2014 CS 418 Interactive Computer Graphics class has again expanded its enrollment, now to 200 seats. Get 'em while their hot.

Graphics Seminar: Tatiana von Landesberger, Mon. Oct 17th, 3401 SC

(Note the special time for this seminar)

GRAPHICS SEMINAR 10am Monday Oct. 17th in 3401 SC

Visual Analytics: Techniques and Applications

Dr.-Ing Tatiana von Landesberger, TU-Darmstadt

Fall 2011 Graphics Seminar - Wednesdays 4pm, 3401 SC

The graphics seminar will be held Wednesdays at 4pm in room 3401 SC. The first presentation is on Aug. 24th by Victor Lu on the SIGGRAPH 2011 paper "Realtime Performance-Based Facial Animation" available at the URL:

Announcements for upcoming graphics seminars are made to the mailing list:

New Graphics Server

Welcome to our new graphics server, which is some anonymous machine managed by the UIUC College of Engineering. Our old graphics server finally coughed up its last dust bunny. We are still porting information from our old server to this new one, so please do bear with us. If there is any information you need, please don't hesitate to contact us with a request and we'll be happy to provide it.


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